who what where in 2012

Gone are the days when a color or single trend will make or break a year. Things move too fast for magic wands or fairy dust.
Understanding and executing on trends are key elements on creating an inspirational journey. In an ever changing market, it is more important than ever to know the triggers that will cause your customers to open their wallets. The development of products and services centered around the most viable trend must work in tandem with value, design, and quality to ride the wave of acquisition and adoption. People are willing to spend if you give them the right incentive at the right time.
This week we created forward-thinking intelligence for two firms focused on delivering value and quality in the digital arena. For Medium we created a 2012 Forecast outlining for key trends for building successful brands. Themes of the post include concepts like cultural consciousness, smart commerce and less-ism. You can access that content free of charge here.
Secondly, we shared some social media tips and tricks with the team at Pluggio.com. The interview outlines what drives consumer culture when building out a digital brand and is a must read for businesses dedicating more resources to new media in 2012. That interview is available online here.
This is just a snapshot of what we track and we understand that, for many of you, our free content is enough to keep you going in 2012. In addition to our subscription services, we'll be hitting the road to talk about how trends are shaping the changing future. If you want to connect with us IRL (In Real Life), drop us a line or check back for an updated listing of conferences and speaking engagements.