We love the new Candy L'Eau promotional short films created by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola featuring a fictitious character named Candy, played by French actress Léa Seydoux.
The three shorts offer a playful glimpse into the whimsical life of a dessert-obsessed girl as two best friends are courting her. 
It’s a brilliant take on passion for the food, fashion, and beauty obsessed. 
{source: AnOther Magazine}
good merchandising
Karl CocaCola
Have you ever wondered why chefs, designers, and celebrities continue to innovate with new cookbooks or products? Or why collaborations are so successful at driving acquisition?
It’s because brands understand the power of loyalty and are willing to play the numbers to jumpstart merchandising strategies.
A new study shows that 60% of shoppers prefer new products from a familiar brand rather than switch to a new brand, according to the Nielsen Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment.

“Innovating on established brands that are already trusted by consumers can be a powerful strategy,” said Rob Wengel, Senior Vice President, Nielsen Innovation Analytics. “Companies spend millions of dollars on new product innovation, yet two out of every three new products will not be on the market within three years. Marketers and retailers can deliver successful new products by ensuring they uncover unmet consumer needs, communicate with clarity, deliver distinct product innovations, and execute an optimal marketing strategy.”

Half (50%) of global respondents say they are generally willing to consider a new product purchase, with respondents in North America and the Middle East/Africa (57%) most enthusiastic about making a switch. Nielsen’s survey shows that value and proof-of-concept make a difference: more than two-thirds (64%) of respondents say they would consider value or store-brand options, and two-thirds (60%) will wait until a new innovation has proven itself before making a purchase.

“Consumers are enthusiastic about adopting new product innovations but somewhat apprehensive about embracing new brands,” said Wengel. “In order for consumers to adopt new brands, marketers need to launch very strong awareness and trial-building campaigns, supported by a positive product experience. Generating positive word-of-mouth endorsements are important, because negative experiences can significantly diminish the likelihood of new product success.”

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a compelling new item, brand familiarity is clearly one of several key characteristics that resonate strongly with consumers so that products are easily recognizable on the shelf.

We spoke to the team at Atelier 36 about scouting, documenting, and editing trends — stressing the importance of differentiation.
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Top picks from a plethora of happenings rocking the New York this week...
{photo: Racked.com}
  • Popup rides: Glamour has teamed up with YSL and Lancome to offer free taxi-shops for Fashion Week. Just download the app and swipe your mobile phone to snag your very own beauty cab.
  • Don't forget men$wear: Ace Hotel teams up with Martin Greenfield Clothiers for a two-day bespoke pop-up tailor service.
  • Charming presentation: Lauren Moffatt sent her models back to school for Fall.
  • Product launch: Miu Miu has created a limited-edition bag collection to fete Fashion Week.
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{photo: Bergdorf Goodman}
We are loving the Bergdorf Goodman holiday video Unleashed, featuring a pack of dogs who take over the department store to select gifts for their owners (BG is a dog-friendly store). Dogs had free run through the store, thanks to the Humane Society of New York, and the results are heartwarming. Check it out for yourself. 
Hermes saris
Spring/Summer 2008 Hermès.
{photos: Style.com}
Hermès has launched its second collection limited edition Indian sari range to "connect" with Indian culture and the country's elegant traditions. Their first batch was released for their millennium collection in 2000.

Indian women may wear Western dress during the day but for weddings and other formal occasions they often prefer to wear six-yard (five and a half metre) saris, reflecting the strong pull of tradition. "This is part of our effort to connect to India's culture and to the tradition of elegance of Indian women," Bertrand Michaud, president of Hermès India, told AFP. "It is not a marketing tool, we won't make a fortune with them," he said.

There are a total of 28 saris to the offering, with one line priced at 300,000 rupees ($6,120) and a second priced at 400,000 rupees ($8,158). The sarees are designed by Sunita Kumar, wife of former Indian tennis player Naresh Kumar along with Hermes' in-house designers. Each sari is created in Paris and made of a variety of fabrics, from cashmere to twill silk.

Beyond the saris, India's richly colored motifs have been reflected in Hermès' scarf designs. In 2008, then Hermes star designer Jean Paul Gaultier featured sari dresses in a collection called Indian Fantasies.

The company's sari launch comes after Hermès recently sought to bolster its presence in India by opening a flagship store, one of its biggest in Asia, in Mumbai. It already has two outlets in New Delhi and the western city of Pune. Most global luxury brands in India are tucked away in five-star hotels or malls but Hermès chose to open its Mumbai store in a renovated colonial era street-level building.

"We want to be part of Indian life," Michaud said.

We love the richness and authenticity that Hermès brings to global fashion. It's only a matter of time before other brands find inspiration from Indian food, traditions and culture.
I Love... Cosmetics
{photo: WWD}
Beauty brand I Love... Cosmetics took to the streets of Manhattan in a food cart to mark the launch of its fruity skin care products to Duane Reade shoppers. According to WWD, the promotion attracted upwards of 700 people on September 29th- with lines wrapping around the drugstore for freebie treats which included samples and gelato.
The idea works because the products incorporate fragrances, flavors and colors that link nicely with gelato flavors Mango & Papaya, Coconut & Cream, and Strawberries & Milkshake. No information was available regarding the brand of the gelato or if the flavors were custom mixed for the events. 
This is the first foray by the British import, I Love... Cosmetics, into the US market.
{source: WWD.com}
Fashion's Night Out
For the third year in a row, designers, brands, retail stores and celebrities will gather tonight to take part in exclusive events. Here's a quick list of where to find the most Fashion's Night Out bang for your buck.
- View the official event listing here.
- With most cities participating on September 8th, the annual event is starting to take on a much bigger role outside of the US. Check out details on the global after-hours shopping extravaganza.
- Refinery29's ultimate NYC guide to combat FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) syndrome.
- Check out Opening Ceremony NYC carnival market inspired by the festive spirit of Argentina at the Ace Hotel.
- Is shameless celeb-spotting or a healthy scavenger hunt more your style? Click here.
- Fueling the men$wear shopping trend, Gilt Man has put together a list of the seven spots in NYC worth checking out (hint- one Mercer Street store that will be offering lobster rolls).
Lady Gaga Barneys Collab
{image: Barneys.com}
Forgive us in advance for the use of the "h" word in August. It's (sadly) just the way retail minds work.
Barneys New York announces today its Holiday 2011 campaign: Gaga's Workshop- a collaboration between Lady Gaga and artists Eli Sudbrack and Christophe Hamaide Pierson of Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF), and Mugler Creative Director and Lady Gaga Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti, to create Lady Gaga’s interpretation of Santa’s Workshop. The installation at the Madison Avenue flagship will include the fifth floor of the Men’s Store and the Madison Avenue windows. It is the first time Barneys New York will convert an entire floor of its flagship into a dedicated space for a holiday initiative.
The collaboration also includes a range of exclusive, limited-edition, small gift items, which will be available for a limited time at Gaga’s Workshop, at Barneys New York locations nationwide and online at Barneys.com. Barneys New York will also donate 25% of sales from all items featured in Gaga's Workshop to a charity of Lady Gaga’s choice.

The signature artwork (seen above), by AVAF Creative Director Dennis Freedman, will be featured on holiday shopping bags and packaging.

We think this campaign, which brings together several creative talents, is a much needed improvement over last seasons drab "Have a Foodie Holiday" boondoggle in association with the Food Network.

One of our favorite bakeries, Miette, created this promo piece for the launch of their cookbook: Miette: Recipies from San Francisco's Most Charming Pastry Shop. We love that this video remains true to the brands Parisian aesthetic, modern execution, and whimsical nature throughout. This is the perfect example of the difference between a true lifestyle piece and a hard-sell marketing campaign.
And would not love that owner, Meg Ray, eats a piece cake each morning for breakfast.
Très bon!
{source: VB}