Haberdash Stockholm
Loving these repurposed vintage fixtures at Haberdash in Stockholm. The warmth of the wood tone complements the merchandise and reference the timeless style, lasting value, functional quality, and adept artisanship of the brand.
Crustum Seville
Often, it is best to follow your nose. Especially, when it comes to bread.
Crustum, a gloriously modern artisan bakery in Sevilla, is the kind of spot that hardly makes a travel guide but never fails to disappoint locals. The merchandising is abundant enough to offset the stark interior, with layers upon layers of freshly stacked items "that smell like grandmothers". Proof that artisan and fermented breads – with thick crusts and open cell structures like those found at Tartine Bakery – continue the global to trend upward.   
In addition to in-house baking at retail, the concept offers craftsman workshops to encourage residents of all skill levels to learn how to bake their own bread. 
We love how Crustum's approaching traditional Spanish breads with an "Old World" appeal while gathering community around education. 
Chophouse Row
Kicking off May by visiting NICHEoutside and Kurt Farm Shop within the newly opened Chophouse Row in Seattle. 
The petite garden-inspired retail store within the mixed-use development along 11th Avenue packs a punch with beautiful and unique products. Owned by the team behind the floral design studio Fleurish, the crisp jewel-box space, along the charming pedestrian alleyway, feels very European.
We're particularly fond of how the visual merchandising at NICHEoutside reflects the same durability and form as the assortment. Case in point: a brass dowel wall full of suspended treasures. 
The second space within the Chophouse Row mews is Kurt Farm Shop. The retail-foodservice-hybrid offers award-winning cheese, small-batch ice cream and plants from Kurtwood Farm on Vashion Island along side a small selection of artisan dairy products from other local farms. We love how the photos of Kurt's "ladies" flanking the 295-square-foot-shop reinforce the farm-to-table anesthetic authentic. 
Visual cues are vital in retail and restaurants because they inform a deeper customer experience and both of these concepts balance graphics with thoughtfulness. Plus, the implamentation at NICHEoutside and Kurt Farm Shop feels simple and fresh.
Allowing customers to discover and place importance on the specific products and services that resonate with each individual – with minimal signage and calculated formulation – is the ultimate pledge to authentic consumer-centric innovation at retail.  
UPDATE 6/9/15: According the CHS Blog, a grand opening celebration for Chophouse Row will take place on June 11th. 
Welcome to denim heaven. 
From a merchandising perspective, there's something magical about 3x1 in NYC. The 460 different fabrics waiting to be transformed into the perfect bespoke jean are as mesmerizing as the loft, jewel-box space with retail and production under one roof.
3x1 workshop
It's everything we love about an immersive retail experience: white-coated seamstresses and tailors measuring and sewing some the most innovative jeans combinations in the city. 
Founded by Scott Morrison of Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn fame, the brand name isn’t as mysterious as it may seem. 3x1 is a fast answer to the twill weaving construction for all denim. The brand oozes authenticity and Simplexity.
In addition to selvedge, the brand offers raw and rare chambray materials in limited-edition, custom made or bespoke tiers ranging from $295-$1,200+ depending on the level of customization. Everything from stitching color and trim hardware to fit and styling are open to interpretation. 
Laduree Paris
Laduree Orly
Among certain circles, it’s commonplace to critique the finer points of French macarons endlessly. This post about Ladurée will do nothing of the sort. 
Across France, customers insatiable appetite for this sweet meringue-based confection has extended beyond traditional Pâtisseries to frequent flyers. And at Paris Orly airport, many brands have taken advantage of the Captive Venue Trend by building out mini-shops for patrons on the go. 
Within this sweet store, and across at the adjacent kiosk, a multitude of products, shapes, and packaging options are presented in organized abundance.  Working horizontally, the back wall scheme draws your eyes from left to right – along the same plain as the most forward pastry casework. 
These cues – along with well-placed mirrors, repetition, and color-blocking – create a framework for the outlandish and colorful macarons. Every element is functional to facilitate quick service before moving onto the gate. Without these points of balance, the space might look like a pastel period gallery. 
We love how Ladurée, and the French for the most part, carefully master Simplexity in merchandising without turning into a retail parody.    
ABC Carpet & Home
The ABC Carpet & Home flagship store in New York City boasts every possible home aspiration, and it's newest renovation, a beautiful kitchen accessories floor in the basement, is an amusement park for gastronomic devotees.
ABC Home
Much like the retailer's six-floors of home décor aspiration, the surprisingly airy space highlights a diverse range of styles from across the world without feeling cluttered. From spectacular ceramics and coffee brewing equipment (curated by Bluebottle) to a rainbow of fine tea and a Hudson Bay seed library – the assortment is representative of reinvention, creativity, and individuality. 
Merchandising sets are defined using a cleaver configuration of freestanding fixtures to present each aesthetic, department, or designer. The schematic is both visually stimulating and easily shopable.  
We’ve clocked countless hours within ABC Carpet & Home over the years to demonstrate the benefits of scale, merchandising, and influence to market tour participants and we’re so pleased that the retailer continues to set themselves apart from the competition with a bounty of kitchen additions that would never be found in the mall. 
Brushstroke Sushi
Within Ichimura at Brushstroke, the traditional edo-mae sushi isn't the only delight. The serene interior of the restaurant-within-a-restaurant has two distinct spaces, with textured walls made from layers of 25,000 recycled books inset into blond wood.  
Enclosed within the paperbacks are three miniature dioramas that boast the same whimsical design touches and level of detail as chef Eiji Ichimura's Omakase menu.   
La Garçonne boutique
La Garçonne
{photo: La Garçonne}
TriBeCa has a new, darling boutique to endorse with the launch of the highly anticipated retail store from La Garçonne on Greenwich Street. This venture into brick-and-mortar from a pure eCommerce model features up-and-coming brands and an in-house private-label collection.
La Garçonne Tribeca
{photo: La Garçonne}
It's refreshing to see online independents embrace retail locations. La Garçonne describes the spaces as "a personal and physical manifestation of our refined, understated aesthetic." 
We couldn't agree more – those white walls, the high-gloss flooring, and simple pine plywood fixtures already speak volumes.
Today was a wonderful day for the food world, and we're surprised that more consumer packaged food (CPG) brands didn't take note. Chanel surprised everyone with an enormous chic supermarket set that had critics fascinated with "a conjunction of high and low". 
For years, the grocery, food, and CPG industries have taken inspiration from the fashion world, using similar graphics, colors, and campaigns – especially in the artisan, specialty, and luxury markets. But slowly, the tides have been turning as the world has become increasingly fixated on eating, rating, and photographing meals. 
This beautifully merchandised stage in Paris was a tipping point for food culture and a statement for modern life, complete with plastic red shopping carts and generous mounds of fresh produce as a backdrop for luxury goods. No detail was overlooked. Each packaged item was labeled with custom Chanel product names and cohesive artwork that referenced the brands founder, Coco Chanel, and her legacy. It was essentially a more sumptuous and gorgeous version of Picard or Trader Joe's. 
We've been reporting on the fusion of these industries for some time and are thrilled to see Chanel's interpretation. And, while we can't give out all our secrets to trend predictability, we often report on trends in  Food+Fashion. To do that, we spend countless hours reading, researching, viewing, traveling, and sampling relevant products, campaigns, and concepts, which gives our clients a tremendous competitive advantage and the ability to significantly target their customers better.
Hungry for themes, products, and behaviors from outside your field of vision from a trusted resource? Look no further.  
Cosmetics Heathrow
Why would a cosmetics brand open a freestanding store at London Heathrow when the same products are sold – steps away – at Harrods? 
New research confirms our captive venue reporting with robust statistics. According to FashionUnited and Verdict, the global airport retail market will grow 72.9% to $52.9 billion by 2019.
And, Generation Research reports that the duty-free and travel retail sales of perfumes, luxury goods and cosmetics increased by 28% between 2008 and 2011 and are predicted to grow another 25% in the next two years.
Those statistics, coupled with the world's busiest international terminals and direct to consumer margins, make this little empty Estée Lauder outlet financially enticing.
Spotted last year while connecting through Heathrow, our take on the merchandising is less than favorable. If only store and visual design would have taken a cue from the beauty concierge in Hawaii – and forgo the electric blue, modular displays, and faux-refrigeration "best seller" fixtures for a luxurious setting that encouraged pampering and solace.