Tantalizing cultural goodness...

- This week in temporary dining, 15-year-old wunderchef Greg Grossman applies his molecular gastronomy know-how to a four-course dinner inspired by the works of Koons, Hirst, Lichtenstein, and Murakami.
- More than 50% of online consumers purchased more private label brands during economic downturn & 91% said they will continue to do so when the economy improves.

{photo: Springwise.com}
- In-store Kraft kiosk recommends recipes based on your face (kinda creepy use of technology).
- Vending machines that guess your age and sex (via PSFK).
- Research: Fast feeders serve up fresh buzzwords like: "Wholesome. Fresh. Natural. Local. Premium."
- Going Deutsch: Berlin Currywurst, German street food comes to LA LA Land.

- Worth reading - How Luxury Brands Should Approach Social Commerce.
- Rumor: HBO creating "Sex and The City" show for men.
- Social Media’s evolving role in Fashion Week (we thought making a fuss about bloggers in the front row was so 2009)

- So into "Wallis" (named after Duchess of Windsor) - a custom color by our client, butter LONDON, from NYFW. So chic.

Our clients rock!
We are so in love with the 'finger bands" created by Nonie Creme, founding creative director for butter LONDON. Taking over real estate from the skin, the nail polish concentric rings dry shiny and will last about 24 hrs.
Way to color outside the lines!