Tantalizing cultural goodness...

- This week in temporary dining, 15-year-old wunderchef Greg Grossman applies his molecular gastronomy know-how to a four-course dinner inspired by the works of Koons, Hirst, Lichtenstein, and Murakami.
- More than 50% of online consumers purchased more private label brands during economic downturn & 91% said they will continue to do so when the economy improves.

{photo: Springwise.com}
- In-store Kraft kiosk recommends recipes based on your face (kinda creepy use of technology).
- Vending machines that guess your age and sex (via PSFK).
- Research: Fast feeders serve up fresh buzzwords like: "Wholesome. Fresh. Natural. Local. Premium."
- Going Deutsch: Berlin Currywurst, German street food comes to LA LA Land.

- Worth reading - How Luxury Brands Should Approach Social Commerce.
- Rumor: HBO creating "Sex and The City" show for men.
- Social Media’s evolving role in Fashion Week (we thought making a fuss about bloggers in the front row was so 2009)

- So into "Wallis" (named after Duchess of Windsor) - a custom color by our client, butter LONDON, from NYFW. So chic.