Teen Vogue launches new user-generated site, The Fashion Click, located at http://fashion.teenvogue.com. The site draws from blogs around the world and utilizes proprietary aggregating technology to showcase young bloggers via learning technology and user voting.

The concept was created by startup Tidal Labs as Teen Vogue hopes to bring readers closer to the styles they love by giving them a voice and a platform to showcase their coolest and most current DIY looks.

We think this is a great tactic for cultivating new talent by traditional media and optimizing reach among potential online readers.

We're interrupt our Fashion Week enthusiasm to share news that has caught out eye...

- In its first major push globally, J. Crew announced that an edited selection of products and exclusive styles and colors will be featured on Net-a-porter’s Web site starting in mid-May (currently, J. Crew is available only in North America and Japan).
- Union Jack products are the latest shopping craze.
- Is Katie from Racked the new Tavi? We don't think so but we'll mention her anyway.
- It's an animal house at BCBG.

- Chef Ferran Adria said his restaurant, elBulli, will become a "foundation for avant-garde gastronomy lovers" in 2014.
- Tomato-gate? Former CEO of SK Foods charged with running his company as a criminal racketeering enterprise for more than a decade.
- The world's first open source restaurant opens: guests can dine and receive instructions for preparing everything they see, eat and use within the location.
- Midtown might be "gripped by the Pizzacone" (via Eater NY) but we spotted it first in 2006.